Just an update?

First of all, I'd like to thank you if you're going to read/have already read this post. It's weird to come back to my blog and see that there are still people who visit it, obviously not as much as before, but it makes me happy. I remember how excited I was about fashion blogging, my blog was the first thing I used to think about waking up, I spent days waiting to log in and post something, anything had caught my eye. But then my passion began to dwindle, I started losing interest. I don't know why, but it always happens: I start doing a lot of things, but at some point I move on to something new. I change very often, and I really don't know if I shall consider it a quality or a fault. That's why I'm not blogging anymore, at least not here. I feel sorry and a bit sad too, sometimes I remember about it but I can't get that excitement anymore. I know this is a mistake, but I hope a new idea will come to me, something great, something I actually love and never leave. Anyway, I won't delete my blog, because I think it's great having still something from my past and also because I hope that someone still takes a look at it sometimes, maybe just to "steal" some photos, or maybe just to find out what it is. 
I'm not leaving, I'm just moving on ;D

Anyway, now you can find me mostly on Facebook or Tumblr.



Fashion Car

Gucci teamed up with Fiat to create a car that will catch the eye of the passerby. It seems like a normal Fiat 500 but when you look at it closer you'll notice red and green stripes, distinguishing Gucci feature. It's available both in black and white with different interiors.



Finally back

I'm sorry for the lack of posts during the last two months, I've had no time and no inspiration. I missed the last fashion weeks and many other important events, but now I'm back. Now I'm not gonna post only about fashion, but also about pop culture and about anything i find interesting. I hope you'll like these new posts. So, let's start again! :D Read more...